W.B. King
Award-winning Journalist- Author - Teacher 
Communications Specialist - Ghostwriter
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                                 Magazine Editors

To whom it may concern:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with W.B. "Brad" King for several years, first
alongside him as a reporter and subsequently as his editor for more than two years.
Our publication’s staffing/freelance needs have changed, but I wouldn’t hesitate
for a moment to utilize him again. Brad led Credit Union Journal’s technology
coverage for more than six years, reporting on how mobile technology is driving
shifts in consumers’ banking behavior and how blockchain, fintech and more
are disrupting the financial services industry. Brad was always able to seek out
new sources, represented our magazine at a variety of industry conferences and
without fail filed clean, substantive copy. I believe he would be a valuable asset
to any organization.

Aaron Passman
Credit Union Journal

To whom it may concern:

W.B. “Brad” King has been a contributing editor and freelance writer for
Convenience Store News for several years. Since I began working with Brad
in 2006, I’ve been very pleased with the thoroughness of his work, the clarity
of his writing and his attention to deadlines.

Brad is one of only a handful of outside contributors that we use for our
publication. He has quickly learned the major trends within the convenience
and petroleum industry and this is evident in his articles for us.

Brad has contributed both short, fast-turnaround news stories for our web site,
as well as longer, more analytical articles for our print publication.

I look forward to continuing to work with Brad in the future.


Don Longo
Convenience Store News magazine

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend W. Brad King as an accomplished freelance writer.
He is dependable, adept at interpreting a variety of subjects and subject matter,
and is able to complete his assignments in a timely fashion.

Brad has written numerous market survey articles about commercial
leasing activity in the Manhattan, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey
and Philadelphia markets for NY-based Office Buildings Magazine. He also
has contributed articles on cooperative and  condominium living on financial,
legal, political and administrative/management topics for the The Cooperator and
The New Jersey Cooperator, The Chicagoland CooperatorThe South Florida Cooperator
and New England Condominium magazine all of which are monthly  real estate trade
publication for co-ops, condos and HOA communities.

Again, I am happy to recommend Brad in any capacity.


Debra A. Estock, Editor
Yale Robbins Inc.
The Cooperator/Office Buildings Magazine

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Brad King. As managing
editor of all three New Work Media publications (The Talent Economy, a
monthly magazine, and two monthly industry newsletters), I have given Brad
countless assignments on a freelance writing and reporting basis.

Brad’s writing is consistently of high quality and on point. When he accepts
an assignment, Brad displays an understanding of the goal of the piece and always
meets his deadlines. He has also shown the ability to easily handle multiple
assignments across multiple titles.

One of the trickiest aspects of writing for the New Work Media publications is
gaining a complete understanding of our niche audience. Brad accepted this
challenge from the start and has clearly demonstrated that he understands the
readership, their concerns and their industry.

It is for these reasons that I am confident that Brad will be an asset to any
organization in the capacity as writer, reporter and/or journalist.

Yours truly,

Josh Getman
Managing Editor
New Work Media

Dear Brad:

Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into writing articles for
Dermatology Business Management magazine.  It has been a pleasure working
 with you.

I appreciate the time you spent diligently researching the various topics that
you were assigned, as well as your thorough follow-through with the final articles.
I also very much appreciate your flexibility in working within our ever-changing
framework, tight turnaround times and limited budget.  In addition, your constant
communication to keep me apprised of your progress has been extremely helpful
 and has made my job as an editor much easier!

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future.


June Slowik
Dermatology Business Management

Book Clients

To Whom It May Concern:

In the beginning – it was just me and nearly 20 years of ideas and information
about personal money management – all of it “in my head”.  Then W.B. (Brad)
King was introduced to me as the editor who would help me take my great idea
for a book and make it real.

In the middle – it was my editor Brad who regularly and always immediately
provided solid answers to my questions. But more importantly, he made writing
this book (my first) a process by which I could not only function effectively but
do it ahead of deadlines. That impressed me.

At the conclusion – as I look at It’s Your Money So Take It Personally listed on
Amazon.com – I reflect on the past 10 months of this book project and one
reassuring constant remains - my editor W.B. "Brad" King.

I have dubbed Brad my Writing Sherpa. It’s appropriate. That’s what he does –
serves as a comprehensive guide to an author’s desired destination. He is one of
the most even tempered and consistently stable professionals with whom I’ve
ever worked. As a long time television and radio journalist/anchor, I have
collaborated with and interviewed many people from all industries and cultures.

During the writing of my book, what I found most valuable about Brad’s
demeanor was his ability to simultaneously motivate and orchestrate productivity.
His trademark close to every email correspondence “Looking forward” is positive
and reassuring.

Though my book’s focus is helping people recalculate their relationship with
money so that they and their families can make a sustainable recovery from this
long recession, it also incorporates stories of my radio and television career (more
than three decades) with aspects of my personal life (raised in a globe-trotting
Air Force family). It was Brad, with meticulous notes, recordings and detailed
electronic files, who kept me balanced and focused and able to co-mingle these
details in a clear and deliberate way so that my “voice” was always clear.

W.B. (Brad) King – the Writing Sherpa – has the ability to communicate both
verbally and written in an exceptional, versatile, creative, imaginative and
dedicated way.

If there is a “Book Number Two” in me – I wouldn’t want to do it without him.

Most sincerely,

Valerie Coleman Morris
Author of "It's Your Money So Take it Personally"  

I wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure working with you on my book.
I would highly recommend you to others who are considering a similar project
and working with you. 

From the start, working with you was so easy. Your initial introduction and
expectation regarding the process and timeline was excellent. As we moved
through our interactions you were easy to get in contact with and very responsive.
You continued to suggest creative ideas on the structure of the book such as
interviewing colleagues, establishing subsections, adding pictures and providing
ideas on the content and wording of chapters.

I, along with all my colleagues you interviewed, were impressed with your ability
to get into the details of the content and ask questions that let us all feel that you
had experienced our journey that the book chronicled with us. Throughout the
process your project management was exceptional and getting from a draft to a
final printed book was a breeze.
Thanks again,

Peter Kirn
Partner (retired), Accenture


"We are particularly grateful to our editor Brad (W.B.) King who helped us lay
out a road map, build the manuscript and taught us how to actually write and
publish the book."

- Keary L. Crawford and Wayne A. Simmons authors of Growth Thinking:
Building the New Growth Enterprise


Corporate Clients

Brad King is a talented writer and project manager who effectively immerses
himself in projects. He is capable of interviewing and capturing the story of
high-profile subjects and building out the supporting detail to make for a great
end product.

Brad is a highly recommended professional in the field of journalism, biography
writing, research and other projects that require a strong writer who understands the publishing process. He is a pleasure to work with and an ethical professional.

Paul Schnabel
President, Biography Experts

Aside from being a well-rounded writer and researcher, Brad's ability to manage
multifaceted projects from inception to fruition is impressive. He never misses a
deadline and usually beats his deadline. He is easy to work with and is a
consummate professional. His response time to questions, concerns and edits
is quick (and at times we are 3,000 miles apart). He works well across multiple
industries and is able to translate respective jargon into digestible, enjoyable copy.
When I need a writer, W.B. King is the first person I call.

Linda Pettit
Vice President/Senior Consultant (former)
Samaha & Associates, Inc.

Additional references are available upon request.

Reach out: wb (at) wbking (dot) com