W.B. King
Award-winning Journalist- Author - Teacher 
Communications Specialist - Ghostwriter
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As an editor and ghostwriter, I have had the privilege of working with inspiring, thought-provoking clients from all over the United States whose books have earned praise and accolades. I'm always interested in speaking with potential clients about book projects whether it is a corporate history, a memoir, a novel, a self-help book, a how-to book or a children's book.

Additionally, I edit and write numerous family history projects each year. These wonderful books chronicle and underscore milestones, be it a birthday, wedding or anniversary. I handle all aspects of the project from outline, interview, writing and editing to design and publication.

Past book projects include (partial list):

The Leadership Crisis: How America Lost the Middle East to Islamic Extremists - A novel inspired by true events from 1973 to 1981

Growth Thinking: Building the New Growth Enterprise

Health Care Reform That Makes Sense: A Detailed Plan to Improve America's Health Care System

It's Your Money so Take it Personally

The Art & Science of Store Design

Polytechnic University - Changing the World - The First 150 Years